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LSA Fellows


In order to provide highly qualified long-term employees the possibility to continue their research work in Magdeburg (i.e. if further financing through budget or third party funding is no longer possible) we offer the opportunity to apply for a position as LSA fellow.

After careful review of the multitude of project proposal submissions we have chosen to support the following with funding:

LSA Fellows 1

Project title: Analysis of modulation in induction and sustainment of long-term potentiation and –depression through learning experiences and memory forming

Projectleader: PD Dr. Volker Korz


Volker Korz

LSA Fellows 2

Project title: Functional selectivity of opioids
at the µ-opioidreceptor: examining the role of
phospholipase D2

Projectleader: Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch


Thomas Koch

LSA Fellows 3

Project title: Mechanisms of presynaptic plasticity: alternative processing of Bassoon and interaction with c-terminal binding proteins (CtBPs)

Projectleader: Dr. Marija Rankovic


Marija Rakovic

Call: "Meetings 2017"

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International Conference on Brain Plasticity linking Molecules, Cells, and Behavior

4. - 6. September 2017 



Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

LIN Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg