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Collaborative Research Center
Transregio 62 – a companion -
technology for cognitive technical systems

Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 62: Eine Companion-Technologie für kognitive technische Systeme

Situated at OvGU since 2009, the llaborative Research Center Transregio 62 – a companion - technology for cognitive technical systems, has been funded to-date with 7.5 million Euros and continues to be funded by the DFG. The second four-year funding period was approved in January 2013 with a SFB / TRR volume of almost nine million euros. If successful, an extension until the end of 2020 is possible.

In SFB / TRR established in 2009 consists of 60 scientists at OvGU, LIN and the University of Ulm and deals with the question of how the interaction between man and machine, its neurobiological and psychological foundations, as well as technological characteristics can be further developed. The aim is to create a technology that enables human users an entirely new dimension of handling technological systems.

The interdisciplinary consortium of engineers, computer scientists, medical doctors, psychologists and neurobiologists follows the vision that technical systems of the future are so-called “companion systems” - cognitive technical systems that customize their functionality completely towards each individual user. They take into account his abilities, preferences, requirements and current needs and adjust to his situation and emotional state. They are always available, cooperative and trustworthy and offer their users a competent and cooperative service.

The Magdeburg Speaker of the SFB / TRR, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wendemuth (Department Cognitive Systems), identifies the goal of the research as follows: "Companion-Systems include cognitive skills into technical systems. They react to movements, gestures, but also noise and speech, embedded into the respective environmental situation and taking into account the psychological predisposition of the user. The research landscape in Magdeburg is ideally positioned in terms of cognitive technical systems and has an excellent network with medicine and the neurosciences. With the commitment to the SFB we now have now a long-term vision for prime international research and subsequent transfer of technologies into the industry.”

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 The predecessors of SFB TRR 62, the so-called „Researchs Clusters 4“, were funded with about 1.1 million Euros from CBBS.


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