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The results of the State Excellence Center are impressive: from 2007-2011, more than 67 million Euros in third party funding from National and European support organizations were acquired through members of CBBS. Another 10 million Euros were supplied by the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The dynamic development of the scientific focus in neurosciences can be seen in the increase of total third party funding of the University of Magdeburg,  which has sprung from 30 million Euros in 2007 to 55 million Euros in 2012 (source: OVGU Science Council Report 2013 for the Universities of Saxony-Anhalt).


The achievements of CBBS, including raising third party funding, have been acknowledged by the Science Council. In its report from July 12th 2013, “Recommendations on Development of the University System in the State of Saxony-Anhalt”, the neurosciences in Magdeburg are proclaimed as an internationally competitive and profile-building research focus. The research centers CBBS and CDS were named as examples of organizational structures that facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and were recommended to receive increased support.

Excerpt from the report:

“With the two research centers Center of Dynamic Systems and Center of Behavioral Brain Sciences, the University of Magdeburg has created interdisciplinary institutions for research, showing a convincing focus on neurosciences and dynamic systems.

The neurosciences have been a research focus in Magdeburg since the founding of the university and have continued to evolve to a competitive and prolific institution that benefits greatly from the inclusion of the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN) and The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). The scientific achievements made here find great international acclaim. Especially in the area of imaging, synergetic effects through cooperation with external institutions have led to great visibility of Magdeburg as a scientific beacon on the international stage. The medical faculty is engaged in intensive research on degenerative dementia in cooperation with LIN and DZNE. The good availability of cutting edge instruments allowed for recruitment of exceptionally skilled scientists. It is gratifying that through additional state funding, the spokesman of one of the collaborative research centers that are part of CBBS could be held in Magdeburg."

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Vier Labore aus vier Ländern untersuchen Lipide in synaptischen Membranen, darunter auch das Labor von CBBS-Mitglied Dr. Michael R. Kreutz

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