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CBBS Best Paper of The Year


CBBS sponsors particularly innovative and future-oriented research in the field of neuroscience and honors special contributions each year with the CBBS Paper of the Year Award.

The publication work of CBBS members has increased by 35% in the last years, which is a testament to their scientific productivity. CBBS strives to additionally increase publication performance by offering the Paper of the Year Award. This award honors international publications that treat current translational topics with yearly prizes of 500 EUR each. There is one prize each for papers from the areas of human and non-human research. The winning publications are presented by the authors and awarded at the CBBS general assembly.

The previous prize winners are:


Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2019

  • M. Andres-Alonso, M. R. Ammar, I. Butnaru, G. M. Gomes, G. Acuña Sanhueza, R. Raman, P. Yuanxiang, M. Borgmeyer, J. Lopez-Rojas, S. A. Raza, N. Brice, T. J. Hausrat, T. Macharadze, S. Diaz-Gonzalez, M. Carlton, A. V. Failla, O. Stork, M. Schweizer, E. D. Gundelfinger, M. Kneussel, C. Spilker, A. Karpova & M. R. Kreutz, Nature Communications , PMID: 31784514



Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2018

  • Stangl, Achtzehn, Huber, Dietrich, Tempelmann und Wolbers, Current Biology, PMID: 29551413
  • Groessl, Munsch, Meis, Griessner, Kaczanowska, Pliota, Kargl, Badurek, Kraitsy, Rassoulpour, Zuber, Lessmann und Haubensak, Nature Neuroscience, PMID: 29950668



Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2017

  • Fischer, Bourgeois-Gironde and Ullsperger, Nature Communications, PMID: 29167430
  • Raza, Albrecht, Çalışkan, Müller, Demiray, Ludewig, Meis, Faber, Hartig, Schraven, Lessmann, Schwegler and Stork, Nature Communications, PMID: 28775269



Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2016

  • Huang, Matysiak, Heil, König, Brosch, eLife, PMID: 27438411



Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2015

  • Edelmann, Cepeda-Prado, Franck, Lichtenecker, Brigadski, Leßmann, Neuron, PMID: 25959732
  • Danielmeier, Allen, Jocham, Onur, Eichele, Ullsperger, Curr Biol, PMID: 25959965



Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2014

  • Maass, Schütze, Speck, Yonelinas, Tempelmann, Heinze, ..., Düzel, Nat Commun, PMID: 25424131
  • Happel, Niekisch, Castiblanco, Ohl, Deliano, Frischknecht, PNAS, PMID: 24550310


Best CBBS Paper of The Year 2013

  • Fischer und Ullsperger, Neuron, PMID: 24050408
  • Stöber, Baldauf, Ziabreva, Harhausen, Zille, Neubert, ..., Goldschmidt, J Cereb Blood Flow Metab., PMID: 24129748


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