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Scientific Advisory Board


The scientific advisory committee accompanies the scientific work of CBBS and aims to advise the speakers of the director’s board.


Gabriele Rune CBBS 1

Prof. Gabriele Rune, Hamburg


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rune, Hamburg (komm. Vorsitz)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Münte, Lübeck

Prof. Dr. Menno Witter, Trondheim, NO

Prof. Dr. Anja Hennemuth, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schoch-McGovern, Bonn

Prof. Dr. Christian Büchel, Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schratt, Zürich, CH 

Dr. Stefan Röll, Magdeburg



CBBS was evaluated in 2017 by the scientific advisory board. In its evaluation report, the council explicitly commends the supportive measures for young scientists in order to secure the future of scientific quality in Magdeburg. It documents the impressive growth in membership and also the multidisciplinary approach of CBBS. It also highlights the high level of competitive external funding and publications from CBBS members.

The scientific advisory council congratulates all members of CBBS for their efforts and accomplishments since the last evaluation and writes:

Under the CBBS umbrella, members of different faculties have found an interdisciplinary scientific forum to collaborate in the neurosciences in Magdeburg. The scientific advisory board was impressed by the wide spectrum of scientific activities of the CBBS members, especially that of young PhD students and post-docs. The council thinks this approach should be maintained and even expanded.

In order to maintain attractive and competitive in the future, further scientists have been bound to CBBS by a smart appointment policy. Apart from the high level of publications, the council finds that CBBS works convincingly and sustainably. The high level of external funding is also impressive, where the council would like to stress the high percentage of DFG funding.

In conclusion, the scientific advisory board sound in its evaluation that CBBS Magdeburg is an excellent research cooperation that will likely have great success in the future.


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