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Scientific Advisory Board


The scientific advisory committee accompanies the scientific work of CBBS and aims to advise the speakers of the director’s board.


Gabriele Rune CBBS 1

Prof. Gabriele Rune, Hamburg

scientific advisory board:

 Prof. Gabriele Rune, Hamburg (temp. chairman)

 Prof. Susanne Biundo-Stephan, Ulm

 Prof. Martin Korte, Braunschweig

 Prof. Thomas Münte, Lübeck

 Prof. Peter Hagoort, Nijmegen, NL

 Prof. Menno Witter, Trondheim, NO

In 2009 and 2014, CBBS underwent meta-evaluation by the scientific advisory committee. In its report, the committee explicitly praised the assistance measures for young academics as an integral part of the preservation of our quality standards and advises to further support this endeavor by offering interesting career perspective and development opportunities to aspiring scientists.

Excerpt from the advisory committee protocol:

“The CBBS scientific advisory committee acknowledges the nationally and internationally outstanding quality of the scientists at CBBS and accents the exceptional position of the neuro-scientific focus in Magdeburg with its four SFBs* and two research training groups. This gives the location an outstanding position not only in the new federal states, but also in Germany overall.

The CBBS has created new organizational structures for scientific interaction between university (OVGU) and external institutions (LIN) in a remarkably efficient manner. The funds allocated by the state of Saxony-Anhalt were successfully used to create interdisciplinary task forces in order to overcome the boundaries of the single disciplines of research. In  exemplary fashion, the resources were used to promote new research groups and young scientists. CBBS is an integral part of different collaborative research centers and other national support projects (such as DZNE) and has sustainably supported the evolution of the scientific focus of the city of Magdeburg.

From this collaboration, many publications, scientific conventions of international importance and goal oriented public relations work have been initiated. With CBBS, the state has implemented a guiding principle of science management that should be upheld and supported further."

Ausschreibung: "Veranstaltungen 2018"

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