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In order to support future-oriented cooperation between non-established CBBS members, especially young researchers, and other groups within the Center and within the University, we have created Junior Networks under competitive terms that consist of 3-5 workgroups, in which each workgroup is eligible to apply for a PhD Student position including consumables. These networks serve as nesting grounds for innovative approaches in bringing interdisciplinary research within CBBS to a new particularly valuable level while also strengthening bonds with other University groups and research focuses in the state.

After careful review of the multitude of project proposal submissions we have chosen to support the following with funding:


Funding since 2016

NeuroNetwork 12

Project title: Autophagy mechanisms in stress-induced neuro- and psychopathology

Project leader: Anne Albrecht, Anke Müller



cCBBS Albrecht mini

NeuroNetwork 11

Project title: Promoting memory by behavioral tagging: from cellular function towards application in humans

Project leader: Elke Edelmann, Jorge Ricardo Bergado Acosta, Kerstin Krauel



Neuronetzwerk Edelmann mini

NeuroNetwork 10

Project title: Optogenetic Read/Write Neuroprosthesis for Sensory Substitution

Project leader: Michael Lippert, Armin Dadgar



cCBBS Lippert 3 mini



Funding since 2008 - 2015

NeuroNetwork 1

Project title: Linking the Microscopic and Macroscopic World: Systematic Study of Water Macromolecule Exchange as a Basis for Ultra-High Field MR Phase Contrast Imaging

Project leader: Kai Zhong, Oliver SpeckLiane HilfertKarl-Heinz SmallaFrank AngensteinMike Matzke



NeuroNetwork 2

Project title: Developmental Chromatin Remodeling in Stress- and Learning-induced Neuronal Plasticity

Project leader: Jörg Bock, Angela Poehlmann, Volker Korz, Jorge Bergado-Acosta




NeuroNetwork 3

Project title: Neuroeconomic approaches to describing behavior-amplifying information

Project leader: Marcus Heldmann, Michael BroschSönke Hoffmann



NeuroNetwork 3

NeuroNetwork 4

Project title: Neurotrophin signal pathways in neurodegenerative diseases

Project leader: Tanja BrigadskiChristina SpilkerDaniel BittnerRaik Rönicke




NeuroNetwork 5

Project title: Mechanisms of resting state plasticity

Project leader: Anna FejtovaAnna KarpovaIna SchanzeMartin WalterDenny Schanze



NeuroNetzwerk 5

NeuroNetwork 6

Project tilte: Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in dependence on protective paradigms in M. Alzheimer

Project leader: Elmar KirchesThomas Endres, Yannic Waerzeggers, Michael Gruß, Jörg Bock




NeuroNetwork 7

Project title: Systems Physiology of Deep Brain Stimulation

Project leader: Kentaroh TakagakiChristian KlugeThomas Schindler




NeuroNetwork 8

Project title: Odor-induced fear behavior in rodents - Identification and characterization of the underlying neural circuitry

Project leader: Markus FendtJürgen GoldschmidtWolfgang D’Hanis



NeuroNetwork 8

NeuroNetwork 9

Project title: Advanced fMRI-based analysis of human sensory cortex

Project leader: Michael HoffmannMichael Hanke



NeuroNetwork 9

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