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7th ICAC postponed


Virtual events planned - please vote!

We are very sorry to inform you that we will have to postpone the 7th International Conference on Auditory Cortex (ICAC) once again. We, the local and external organizers, had hoped that we could hold the meeting in late August this year, but unfortunately, the current situation of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and its unforeseeable development prevents this. We currently plan to have the real, physical, meeting during the first half of September 2022. The exact dates will be announced on our website when known.

However, to bridge the long gap between physical meetings and to provide some forum for scientific exchange within our community, we discussed the idea of holding one or few small and relatively brief virtual events, during hours compatible with many time zones and in September this year. Because we are not sure of how to serve the community best, we would like your opinion on possible formats (such as symposia, debates or just talks), topics, and speakers. Please fill in our brief questionnaire.

We would appreciate your feedback by March 31, 2021.

Very best regards on behalf of all organizers


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