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Publikationen 2016

Self-directedness and the susceptibility to distraction by saliency

Dinica, Katharina , Demenescu, Liliana Ramona , Lord, Anton , Krause, Anna Linda , Kaiser, Roselinde , Horn, Dorothea , Metzger, Coraline Danielle , Walter, Martin


Termination of hollow core nanopipes in GaN by an AlN interlayer

Contreras, O. , Ruiz-Zepeda, F. , Avalos-Borja, M. , Dadgar, Armin , Krost, Alois


Testosterone causes both prosocial and antisocial status-enhancing behaviors in human males

Dreher, Jean-Claude , Dunne, Simon , Pazderska, Agnieszka , Frodl, Thomas , Nolan, John J. , O'Doherty, John P.


Thermo-acoustic performance of full engine encapsulations - a numerical, experimental and psychoacoustic study

Duvigneau, Fabian , Luft, Tommy , Hots, Jan , Verhey, Jesko L. , Rottengruber, Hermann , Gabbert, Ulrich


What do we learn from the murine Jacob/Nsmf gene knockout for human disease?

Spilker C, Grochowska KM, Kreutz MR. Rare Dis. 2016 Sep 30;4(1):e1241361.


Using executive control training to suppress amygdala reactivity to aversive information.

Cohen N, Margulies DS, Ashkenazi S, Schaefer A, Taubert M, Henik A, Villringer A, Okon-Singer H.

Neuroimage. 2016 Jan 15;125:1022-31. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.10.069.


Trio, a Rho Family GEF, Interacts with the Presynaptic Active Zone Proteins Piccolo and Bassoon.

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Thrombomodulin-dependent protein C activation is required for mitochondrial function and myelination in the central nervous system.

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The transgenerational transmission of childhood adversity: behavioral, cellular, and epigenetic correlates.

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The ToMenovela - A Photograph-Based Stimulus Set for the Study of Social Cognition with High Ecological Validity.

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The role of the mesolimbic dopamine system in the formation of blood-oxygen-level dependent responses in the medial prefrontal/anterior cingulate cortex during high-frequency stimulation of the rat perforant pathway.

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The role of blood vessels in high-resolution volume conductor head modeling of EEG.

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The neuroprotective effects and possible mechanism of action of a methanol extract from Asparagus cochinchinensis: In vitro and in vivo studies.

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The Impact of Parent-Infant Interaction on Epigenetic Plasticity Mediating Synaptic Adaptations in the Infant Brain.

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The Human Dentate Gyrus Plays a Necessary Role in Discriminating New Memories.

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Temporal Dynamics of Antidepressant Ketamine Effects on Glutamine Cycling Follow Regional Fingerprints of AMPA and NMDA Receptor Densities.

Li M, Demenescu LR, Colic L, Metzger CD, Heinze HJ, Steiner J, Speck O, Fejtova A, Salvadore G, Walter M. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2016 Oct 19. doi: 10.1038/npp.2016.184. [Epub ahead of print]


Synaptopathies: synaptic dysfunction in neurological disorders - A review from students to students.

Lepeta K, Lourenco MV, Schweitzer BC, Martino Adami PV, Banerjee P, Catuara-Solarz S, de La Fuente Revenga M, Guillem AM, Haidar M, Ijomone OM, Nadorp B, Qi L, Perera ND, Refsgaard LK, Reid KM, Sabbar M, Sahoo A, Schaefer N, Sheean RK, Suska A, Verma R, Vicidomini C, Wright D, Zhang XD, Seidenbecher C. J Neurochem. 2016 Sep;138(6):785-805. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13713. Review.


Synaptic GluN2B/CaMKII-α Signaling Induces Synapto-Nuclear Transport of ERK and Jacob.

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Structure-function integrity of the adult hippocampus depends on the transcription factor Bcl11b/Ctip2.

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Simultaneous effects on parvalbumin-positive interneuron and dopaminergic system development in a transgenic rat model for sporadic schizophrenia.

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Simultaneous Administration of Statins and Pioglitazone Limits Tumor Growth in a Rat Model of Malignant Glioma.

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Sharing a Context with Other Rewarding Events Increases the Probability that Neutral Events will be Recollected.

Loh E, Deacon M, de Boer L, Dolan RJ, Duzel E. Front Hum Neurosci. 2016 Jan 8;9:683. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00683.


Selective Localization of Shanks to VGLUT1-Positive Excitatory Synapses in the Mouse Hippocampus.

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Selective Increase of Auditory Cortico-Striatal Coherence during Auditory-Cued Go/NoGo Discrimination Learning.

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Sciatic nerve ligation causes impairment of mitochondria associated with changes in distribution, respiration, and cardiolipin composition in related spinal cord neurons in rats.

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Removing Cardiac Artefacts in Magnetoencephalography with Resampled Moving Average Subtraction.

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Remote Effects of Non-Invasive Cerebellar Stimulation on Error Processing in Motor Re-Learning.

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Regulation of extrasynaptic signaling by polysialylated NCAM: Impact for synaptic plasticity and cognitive functions.

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Rapid and specific gray matter changes in M1 induced by balance training.

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Putamen Activation Represents an Intrinsic Positive Prediction Error Signal for Visual Search in Repeated Configurations.

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Probing neural mechanisms underlying auditory stream segregation in humans by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

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Perceptual Experience of Visual Motion Activates hMT+ Independently From the Physical Reality: fMRI Insights From the Looming Pinna Figure.

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Normal Development and Function of T Cells in Proline Rich 7 (Prr7) Deficient Mice.

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Neural Correlates of Learning from Induced Insight: A Case for Reward-Based Episodic Encoding.

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Near-infrared spectroscopy and transcranial sonography to evaluate cerebral autoregulation in middle cerebral artery steno-occlusive disease.

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Metabolic mapping reveals sex-dependent involvement of default mode and salience network in alexithymia.

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Intrinsic monitoring of learning success facilitates memory encoding via the activation of the SN/VTA-Hippocampal loop.

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Kann das Pariser Klimaabkommen funktionieren?

Weimann, Joachim , Pethig, Rüdiger , Hendricks, Barbara , Edenhofer, Ottmar , Puls, Thomas , Schaefer, Thilo , Bottermann, Heinrich , Gronwald, Marc , Bettzüge, Marc Oliver , Peter, Jakob





Interoceptive awareness changes the posterior insula functional connectivity profile.

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Independent natural genetic variation of punishment- versus relief-memory.

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The brain imaging data structure, a format for organizing and describing outputs of neuroimaging experiments.

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„Wissenschaft im Rathaus" - Stressbelastung, Konflikte und Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz als Risikofaktoren für psychische und psychosomatische Erkrankungen: Was können wir tun?

17.04.2024 - Am 29. April 2024, um 19 Uhr, spricht Dr. med. Florian Junne (Universitätsklinik für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie Magdeburg)

Institutskolloquium Psychologie: Visual information processing in the human brain: The role of lateral occipital cortex in visual context integration

16.04.2024 - Am 23. April 2024, 17.15 Uhr im Geb.22a der OVGU, spricht PD Dr. Ralph Weidner (Research Center Jülich)

Eigenständiger Gedächtnistest per Smartphone kann Vorzeichen von Alzheimer erkennen

27.03.2024 - Digitaler Ansatz soll Weg für bessere Frühdiagnostik bereiten

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