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CBBS-elections 2020


Dear members,

as already announced the CBBS elections will take place this year. At its board meeting on 25.02.2020 the board of directors unanimously decided to hold an online election according to §5, para. 3 WO using the online platform LimeSurvey. This will take place from 03.11.2020 to 10.11.2020.

Four new or reoccupied seats on the Executive Board must be filled and the consultative member must be appointed or re-elected.

Call for Election: You are welcome to participate in the search for suitable candidates, submit written proposals or run for office yourself. Applicants should send an informal letter and a short CV to cbbs(at)ovgu(dot)de.

Further information you can find here.


Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

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